The Peace of the World A Brief Treatise Upon the Spiritual Teaching of the Bahai Religion With Particular Regard to Its Application to the Great Problem Now Before the Nations of the Establishment of an Enduring World Peace
Back to the Old Stones Age
The Claim of Antiquity With an Annotated List of Books for Those Who Know Neither Latin Nor Greek
Old at Forty or Young at Sixty Simplifying the Science of Growing Old
Jacob and the Mandrakes
Microscopic Analysis of Metals
Historical Outlines
The Exploitation of Plants
Is the Devil a Myth?
The Construction of the Wonderful Canon of Logarithms
The Birth of Chemistry
Chronological Tables A Synchronistic Arrangement of the Events of Ancient History
The Corpuscular Theory of Matter
Secret Societies A Discussion of Their Character and Claims
Jesu Muttersprache Das Galilaische Aramaisch in Seiner Bedeutung fur die Erklarung der Reden Jesu und der Evangelien Uberhaupt
Simple Cooking of Wholesome Food for the Farm Home
Johannes Scottus
The Egyptian Conception of Immortality
Vegetable Gardening
Jesus or Paul?
Untersuchungen zur Geschichte und Religion der Alten Germanen in Asien und Europa Mit Religionsgeschichtlichen Parallelen
Battles of the Civil War
Fragments of Confucian Lore a Selection of Short Quotations With the Original Text
Relativity and the Universe A Popular Introduction Into Einsteins Theory of Space Time
Dictionary of Explosives
Lessons in Pharmaceutical Latin and Prescription Writing and Interpretation
The Navajos
The Foundations of Mathematics A Contribution to the Philosophy of Geometry
The Vital Message
Signalling Through Space Without Wires Being a Description of the Work of Hertz His Successors
The Vaporizing of Paraffin for High-Speed Motors (Electric Ignition Type)
The Life Labours and Doctrines of Confucius
Home Making Its Problems and Their Solutions
A Logic of Facts Or Everyday Reasoning
Muscle Building Practical Points for Practical People
The New England Cook Book or Young Housekeepers Guide
Architectural Sketches for Cottages Rural Dwellings and Villas in the Grecian Gothic and Fancy Styles
Race Sentiment as a Factor in History A Lecture Delivered Before the University of London on February 22 1915
The Universe and Its Evolution A New Theory on the Existence of Its Origin and Its Orderly Development
Race and Nation in the United States
Three Hundred and Fifty Tried and Tested Formulas
Common Sense and the Rudiments of Philosophy
The Idea of God in Early Religions
Summary Guide
The Power of Love A Lecture
Matter Force and Spirit Or Scientific Evidence of a Supreme Intelligence
Relics of Ancient America
The History of Civilization
Heathen Records to the Jewish Scripture History Containing All the Extracts From the Greek and Latin Writers in Which the Jews and Christians Are Named Collected Together and Translated Into English With the Original Text in Juxta-Position
Pen Drawing An Illustrated Treatise

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